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You did not buy a tiger print!

uh, ya, I did…  but its for a good cause and is closely tied to the treatment of glaucoma. ______

Firstly, I’m now in the land of the tiger, Ranthombore, Rajasthan (Sawāi Mādhopur).  Tomorrow is a sunrise, then an afternoon safari.  Today, after the four hour drive was just chill at the very cool old Taj Hotel then a quick trip to see the women’s art collective.

So here’s the story, 70% of proceeds go back to the artists, 25% to the collective and 5% to the tiger reserve. Its a government sanctioned artist’s collective (that would make it the fourth I’ve seen…)

Jaipur to Ranthambor

Painting, animal painting to be specific is the local specialty.  I generally dislike nature painting, and really, really, really dislike animal stills…

So, out comes the chai tea, and for 45 minutes, these poor people hold up painting after painting (on real silk though) as I protest that I’m not looking to buy anything.  But this guy or woman (the painter) is pretty famous, his/her work hangs (or hung…) in the White House, wow!

They are beautifully painted (reminding myself that I hate animal prints).

The money supports the locals (I have no wall space, and wouldn’t put up an animal print even if I did have the space).

The eyes DO follow you around the room (I could put it in my office?).

“Perhaps my wife our daughters would love this”…. I sip my tea… Gets a bit awkward.

$700 US – you GOTTA be kidding me, as I start to sweat and back toward the door (meanwhile the same five people are still holding up these damn paintings, showing no signs of fatigue).  They look like they could outlast me.

“Canada?  You are from Canada, we LOVE Canada.  One of your doctors from Calgary came here and treated many people for glaucoma, we love Canadians here, they have a special place in our heart!”

“For a Canadian I will ask the lady for her best price.”  More tea and a discount, and a story- I’m sunk…

So – where AM I going to hang a 2’x3′ tiger who’s stare follows you around the room???

PS – I wonder how it will look under blacklight??

all the days pics on Insta: @Topher_Vollan

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