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His own success over 30 years of development and construction experience is perhaps no surprise given his 300-year family history of city building. What is unexpected is Chris Vollan’s approach – that of a passionate visionary who sees future possibility with clarity; yet views himself as a humble facilitator of its arrival.

Trained as a structural engineer, Chris is a diligent, meticulous builder of urban, master-planned, and resort developments, with a career spanning approvals, design development, marketing and sales, engineering, construction and customer service across numerous complex developments – from mid- and high-rise homes to purpose built rental, social and employee housing, retail, large-scale office and heritage buildings in British Columbia, Alberta, California, Nevada and Arizona.

As an intellectual idealist and hopeful humanitarian with the eye of a skilled photographer, Chris brings creativity, insight and compassion to each undertaking; working collaboratively with stakeholders and teams to create deeply considered projects with meaningful purpose for the people and communities they serve.

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