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Thanking Ganesh for an… exciting drive:


Ganesh is the god of good luck, one of 330 million Hindu gods.  So thanks Ganesh, I made it to Khajurhao in one piece!   If I got it wrong, my thanks to the appropriate Hindu god of driving safety!

Longest travel day so far, 5hrs by train then 4hrs by car, with one fortress in-between ( at Orchha)

Picture if you will, 4hrs on a  1 and 1/2 lane highway (paved about 20′ wide), at night, in the fog and with most bikes, walkers and tuk tuks having no lights.

There is room for a car and a tuk tuk to pass going opposing directions, or a car and two ormaybe three motorbikes (oh crap that’s tight!) but NOT room for a car and a truck to pass (into the shoulder we go again, holding breath, holding breath, holding breath…).

Car, truck and one other object means a full  and sudden stop (from 80kph to zero PDQ).

Oh ya, just add in cows for food measure. Also with  no lights (a business opportunity??)

Side note: India must save millions cuz they just don’t bother putting up stop signs or traffic signals.

Agra to Khajuraho

And again, thanks Ganesh!

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