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Princess Cruises

“How can we serve you today Princess?”……😳

Funny thing about introverts, unless we are in control (as in hosting) the social situation, we generally like to be in the background and never, ever front and centre.

Interpretation/reality check: of COURSE we love being spoiled, just not publicly… (pretty much anything public is embarrassing and/or toe curling)

So, New Year’s Day was a five hour houseboat tour through the gorgeous backwater channels of Kumarakom Lake on a 24 metre thatched (hut style) touring boat:with a captain and two crew (serving as deck hands/cook and servers) and, … just me!

Empty bridge

Not sure how or why this happened, but here I am and we have left the dock and jumping off at this point is a bit extreme. Say yes and chill the hell out bucko!

I’m not sure who was more uncomfortable, me, or the crew, but as I’m the one who kept apologizing for the lack of crowd on their really big boat, I guess the answer is…me.

Full master suite at my disposal if I want a nap (??) and lunch with eleven separate dishes served in the lovely dining hall. Seriously??

Add food pressure on top of social anxiety…lol.

11 course lunch

Thankfully I had my camera as an excuse to pace back and forth on the back deck that would normally seat at least ten. Look! A bird! (We did cruise through a massive bird sanctuary, so that’s valid, until both my cam batteries died after which I just faked looking busy…).

Also awkward, passing other boats packed to the rim with New Year’s Day revelers dancing on deck and cheering between boats.

“Happy New Year to you too!”, mumbles back that guy, who is on that big boat…. all by himself??  Pretentious S.O.B. (me thinks they think when in reality I don’t even register, so, get over yourself already, I try to think…).

The Houseboat

Stunning scenery but I laughed to (at) the scenario and myself the whole time. (laugh or jump, laugh or jump…).

I survived. It was amazing. Awkwardness exists only in my head (this, I know, but still…)

Postscript: Dinner. Kannan (sever who loaded me up with wine bottles last night), had a waterfront table set aside for me for dinner, and also had his recommended menu all picked out (and ya, local specialties once again, blew my mind). Turns out he gave me all that wine last night so I could drink in my room before dinner today as it’s a “dry day” here in Karala.

Princess for a day? Check!

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