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How to poop in India…

Full disclosure – this is mostly what one should NOT do… (lessons learned, lessons learned, lessons learned…)

Jodhpur to Jaipur

Its a 9am start for a six hour drive from Jodhpur (the Blue city) to Jaipur (the Pink city).

Also a long time to spend in the car so I came prepped, meaning I stole a roll of TP from the hotel.

Mistake # 1, three cups of coffee with a big breakfast.

Mistake #2, leaving the TP in the car at the road side pullout restaurant.

Actuality #1 – first 70km was on a really bumpy road, stopping for cows and dogs before we hit the highway.

Jaipur roadside resto

Lessons learned:

  1. girl with the lovely “good afternoon” greeting at the W/C (pretty much any public location) is the holder and master of the only TP’ish stuff you will find in the place.  And yes, its actually exactly the same stuff as the table napkins.  Abrasive, and thus made for patting, not wiping.  Recall me mentioning this two days ago?  Did it sink in?  Apparently not.

  2. oddly – the stalls do have TP holders.  Always empty (thus creating a job opportunity, which is completely valid)

  3. As you left the stuff you brilliantly stole, in the car and there is now some urgency,  because … see mistakes 1 through 2 above

  4. you should tip her and grab TP  “before” entering said W/C, not after when its really only useful to dry your hands.

  5. their are stoop-to-poopers (porcelain holes in the floor), but most places so-far have toilets.  This place had both.

  6. They ALL have a handy veggie sprayer on a hose.  Note to self, it is is not a veggie sprayer.

  7. also note – the water is cold.

Moving forward:  less coffee, more tipping!

Lunch, with Kasmiri mutton and the most amazing freaking rice (Jeera) I’ve ever had, was otherwise uneventful.

many more pics @Topher_Vollan

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